The ExpertTM is the new generation electroencephalograph that allows to widen the sphere of use of electroencephalography in clinical practice.

The ExpertTM uses digital telemetry and allows continuous 24-hour's recording. The EEG signal is transmitted digitally to the registration device via radio frequencies or mobile (GSM, CDMA, NMT and other standards) and dedicated phone lines. The wireless system significantly simplifies the EEG examinations during scientific research and in clinical use.

The ExpertTM is much less sensitive to the pulse and systematic noise than any stationary EEGs, it is portable and light that further eases its use and increases quality of analysis. There are the following main advantages of ExpertTM as compared to traditional systems:

  1. Full electric safety of III CF type class due to use of batteries and telemetry;
  2. Better quality of EEG registration;
  3. Insensitivity to a number of physical and physiological artifacts that eases the work of staff and increases the capacity of the system;
  4. Routine EEG examination may be extended to needed scope in any time;
  5. The system can be enhanced by:
    • adding PCs to carry out online EEG registration and transmission;
    • adding EEG amplifiers to widen the capacity of the system to three patients per one PC;
    • corrections of the EEG amplifier characteristics by reprogramming of the built-in processor;
    • increasing the range of the telemetry by adding supplementary antennas.

The built-in processor allows to carry out digitization, filtration, compression and coding of the signal directly in the EEG-amplifier. This allows to transmit digital EEGs wirelessly with no interferences, including 50Hz background noise. The low radiation and energy consumption of the EEG amplifier allows ExpertTM to work for 24 hours without recharging the batteries. The high input resistance allows using the standard EEG gel for 24-hour EEG recording and reducing the number of physiological artifacts.

The built-in system of autocalibration allows testing the EEG amplifier, radio channel and software simultaneously. The unit has the low battery indicator. The ExpertTM is user-friendly; it is turned on by push of one button and does not provide the patient with control over the system.

The basic features of the equipment:

  • Control of sensitivity, bandwidth and scan rate;
  • refiltering of recorded EEGs;
  • trigger and rhytmical photo- and audiostimulation;
  • various changing combinations of channels and electrodes (monopolar, bipolar and multipolar);
  • possibility to review recorded EEG in any combinations of channels and electrodes at the user's option;
  • possibility to magnify selected channels parallel to other channels in two windows;
  • adjustment of "paper size";
  • automatic or manual measuring of the parameters of selected sections of EEGs in a special window;
  • automatic scrolling of EEGs with mapping on standard or corrected frequency ranges;
  • ranging of the selected interval of the curve and comparing of symmetrical channels;
  • separation and removal of artifacts;
  • registration, representation, and storage of long-latent evoked potentials;
  • spectrum analysis with presentation of spectrums in linear and logarithmic scales;
  • possibility to export spectrum analysis results to statistical and other software programs;
  • multiple mapping of amplitude characteristics and spectrums of selected ranges;
  • search of EEG fragment by time or event markers;
  • 3-D reconstruction of the functional focus of pathological activity with availability of arbitrary or MRI-compatible shear planes;
  • 3-D presentation of the functional focus of pathological activity with changing lighting and projections under user defined detection probabilities.
Number of channels 16
Feed impedance, not less, МОhм 50
Common mode rejection ratio, not less than, dB 120
Interchannel interference, within, dB - 60
Noise level (measured at 3 ), within, peak-to-peak, mV 0,9
Sensitivity, mV/mm 0,5 - 1000
Scan rate, mm/s 15, 30, 60, 120
LFF, Hz 15, 30, 70, OFF
HFF, s OFF; 0,7; 0,3; 0,1; 0,03
50 Hz filter hardware implemented
Weight, within, kg 0,6
Power consumption, within, W 0,4
Time of continuous operation without recharging battery, no less than, h 24
Sampling frequency, Hz 200
ADC digits, bit 12
Electrical safety III CF
Frequency of photostimulation, Hz 0,5-50
Duration of flash, мкс 1-100000
Frequency of noise stimulation, Hz 0,5-50
Frequency of tone, Hz 20 - 20000
Duration of tone, мкс 5-100000
Type of display SVGA, 1024x768
Type of processor, not lower Pentium 300 MHz
Type of printer laser/bubblejet
Telemetric amplifier 1
Telemetric receiving device 1
Combined antenna 1
Photo and noise stimulator 1
Electrode cable 1
Belt with case 1
EEG helmet 2
Instruction 1
Software 1

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