Electroencephalograph DX-ExpertTM belongs to a new generation of devices outstanding the currently used ones both by their technical and operational features and novel schematic solutions, which dramatically widen the EEG application area in the clinical and ambulance practice.

The device distinguishes itself by utilization of digital telemetry and the possibility of continuous daily registration, which makes it possible to use DX-ExpertTM not only in functional diagnosis departments, but also in neurological, neurosurgical and resuscitation departments. EEG is recorded by means of digital wireless transmission of electrophysiological signal through radio frequency communication channels. Absence of wires connecting the patient to the recording device (PC) greatly facilitates the electroencephalographic control both during scientific investigations and clinical practice.

Electroencephalograph DX-ExpertTM is much less sensitive to pulse and systematic interference than any stationary device, and its small dimensions make a new quality of routine investigations and monitoring feasible.

Advantages of DX-ExpertTM compared to traditional systems are:

  1. The device ensures complete class III CF electric safety of investigation due to battery power supply and radio telemetry.
  2. Improved quality of EEG recording, which facilitates analysis and increases the quality of diagnosis.
  3. Insensitivity to a number of physical and physiological artifacts facilitates the staff's work and increases the throughput of the entire system.
  4. Routine EEG investigation can be extended to desired scope at any time.
  5. Build-up of the system capabilities can take place along the following lines:
    • installing arbitrary number of additional consoles (PC), ensuring 'real-time' EEG observation;
      " increasing the number of transmitting devices (EEG amplifiers) connected to one recording device in order to increase the system throughput and ensure recording of EEG of up to three patients on one PC simultaneously;
      " correcting the EEG amplifier characteristics on the User's demand by reprogramming the built-in processor;
      " increasing the telemetry range of action by mounting additional antenna-feeder devices.

Substantial advantage of the device is its built-in processor, which makes it possible to digitize, pre-filter, decimate, compress and encode the signal in the amplifier itself. This technical solution has insured implementation of electroencephalographic signal transmission over a radio channel without any distortion and interference, including 50 Hz hum, which is completely absent in electroencephalogram under any conditions of recording. The minimum radiated power in the radio band and low power consumption of the EEG amplifier ensure 24-hour registration of electroencephalogram without replacing the set of batteries. High input impedance of the amplifier makes it possible to use standard electroencephalographic gel for daily registration of EEG, reducing at the same time the number of inevitable physiological artifacts.


DX-ExpertTM Video 24- , . , . .

"DX-ExpertTM Video"
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, 15, 30, 70, OFF
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, 1-100000
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, 20 - 20000
, 50-100000
SVGA, 1024x768
, Pentium 300 MHz
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(17 ) 1
(Pentium II Celeron-800/HDD 40Gb/ CDROM/ SVGA/Windows) 1
(Pentium III /HDD 100 Gb/ CD-RW/ SVGA/Windows) 1

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